GeneConvene Global Collaborative Webinar Series Oct-Dec 2020

Hector Quemada and David O'Brochta,  GeneConvene Global Collaborative,  2020.

GeneConvene Global Collaborative Webinar Series

Engineered Gene Drives: Regulatory and Policy Considerations
October 21,28, November 4,18, December 2
11 am- 12:30pm
(Washington, D.C. -GMT -5)

In this series of webinars the regulatory and policy challenges of moving new innovative genetic biocontrol products such as gene drive technologies to the field will be featured.

Each seminar will be ~60 minutes in length followed by questions and answers.

Not a convenient time? Each webinar will be recorded and promptly posted on the GeneConvene Virtual Institute, and questions will be taken for 48 hours after the initial presentation. The speaker’s responses will be attached to the original presentation.

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Oct 21 Overview of Regulatory Frameworks Covering Gene Drives
Wadzanayi Mandivenyi, Head of Biosafety Unit, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity 

Marion Law,  Team Lead, Prequalification Team-Vector Control Products, World Health Organization

Oct 28 Regional Development of Regulatory Policies on Gene Drives and Risk Assessment
Yann Devos, Senior Scientific Officer, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA; Italy), GMO Unit

Martin Lema, Quilmes National University (Argentina)

Nov 4 The Value of Existing Regulatory Approaches for Risk Assessments of Gene Drive Organisms
Michael Bonsall, Professor of Mathematical Biology, University of Oxford

Owain Edwards, Domain Leader, Environment & Biocontrol CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform/td>

Nov 18 Regulatory and Governance Challenges Posed by Gene Drives
Natalie Koffler, Founder of Editing Nature; Lecturer, Harvard Scientific Citizenship Initiative

Jesse Reynolds , Emmett /Frankel Fellow in Environmental Law and Policy, Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, University of California, Los Angeles School of Law

Dec 2 Environmental Impact Assessments and Gene Drive Applications
Willy Tonui, Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Health and Safety Consultancy, Ltd,

Katharine Gotto Walton, Chair, The Social Practice Forum

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