Integration of insect sterility and insecticides for control of Glossina-morsitans-morsitans Westwood (Diptera, Glossinidae) in Tanzania .3.Test site characteristics and the natural distribution of tsetse flies.

D. B. Gates, P. E. Cobb, D. L. Williamson, B. Bakuli, D. A. Dame and E. Blaser,  Bulletin of Entomological Research,  73:373-381. 1983.

preparatory to testing the insect sterility concept against Glossina morsitans morsitans Westw. The site was at Mkwaja Ranch, a north-eastern coastal cattle-ranching enterprise, in which about 195 km2 was encompassed by a 1-km-wide fly barrier constructed at an average cost of $37/ha. Weekly surveys of flyround transects spaced 1 km apart were conducted over a 14-month period. The estimated male density of G. m. morsitans in the release site was about 630/km2 and for G. pallidipes Aust., 255/km2. The only other species of tsetse found was G. brevipalpis Newst., which was restricted to drainage areas during periods of low rainfall.

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