Gene Drive Basics Videos

The Virtual Institute has selected these short videos because they provide a good overview of the technical aspects of gene drive and some  introduce important non-technical issues regarding biosafety, regulation, policy, governance and ethics.  The Virtual Institute’s  has aggregated a large number of videos in its knowledge base.  You can see that list here.

If you are interested in getting a bit more technical and understanding the various genetic mechanisms by which gene drive has been shown to be achieved in natural systems, you should view these videos

Gene Drive: The Concept Explained (6:15)

This short video is intended to serve as a short tutorial that explains the general idea of ‘drive’ or ‘gene drive’ in the context of genetics.  It provides the viewer with a basic understanding of the key genetic processes underlying the patterns of inheritance with which most people of familiar and explains how these processes are involved in gene drive.  This video focuses on genetics and not applications of gene drive technologies and associated issues.

This video was produce by the GeneConvene Global Collaborative.

Gene DriveBasics: Characteristics and Properties (12:37)

This short video covers the concept of ‘drive strength’, ‘drive thresholds’, ‘spreading’, ‘resistance’ and describes two strategies by which transmission advantages can be achieved.  The video is intended to provide additional insights into the technology to enable and encourage thoughtful discussions.

This video was produced by the GeneConvene Global Collaborative.

What is a gene drive? (1: 41)

This video produced by STAT, an e-news site, focusing on health and medicine illustrates what geneticists mean by gene drive, and describes a mechanism for achieving drive.

Note: The video does not indicate that there are other mechanisms for achieving drive that work quite differently from the mechanism used as an example in this video. These other mechanism result in similar genetic outcomes – the preferential transmission of one form/copy of a gene to the next generation.

Gene Drives: Saving Lives or Powering Extinctions? (4:49)

This video by FW: Thinking explains what gene drives are and their potential applications as public health and conservation tools.  Also introduced are aspects of gene drives that pose risks and what researchers are considering as risk mitigation measures during the research and development of gene drives.

Gene Drives Can Wipe Out Entire Species… Or Save Them (2:25)

This video by Gizomdo looks at gene drive from the perspective of a possible tool for controlling invasive species that are threatening biodiversity in New Zealand.  It describes the genetic effects of gene drive and illustrates one mechanism by which gene drive can be achieved.  There are other mechanisms that can result in a similar genetic outcomes other than the one illustrated here.  The host introduces some issues such as unintended environmental impacts that require careful consideration during the research and development of gene drives before any decisions are made to employ them as conservation tools.

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