Pest Species

Human Malaria Mosquito

Anopheles gambiae
Human malaria mosquito


Control Measure


  • Target Malaria is a not-for-profit research consortium developing gene drive technologies to reduce malaria transmission through vector population suppression.
  • 2018 Target Malaria establishes a team in Ghana at the University of Ghana, Legon,
  • The Target Malaria team in Ghana specializes in mosquito behavior and ecology.
    • Anopheles gambiae Ecological Observatory: This project focuses on the community ecology surrounding Anopheles gambiae.
    • Mosquito Rearing and Male Fitness studies of Anopheles gambiae complex:
  • The Field Entomology and Ecology teams are conducting data collection activities
  • The Stakeholder Engagement team is actively engaging various key stakeholders.
  • There have been no releases of gene drive-containing mosquitoes

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