Pest Species

Human Malaria Mosquito

Anopheles gambiae
Human malaria mosquito

Sao Tome and Principe

Control Measure


  • Malaria is endemic on STP and risk is high throughout the year.
  • The University of California, Irvine Malaria Initiative (UCIMI) is a collaborative initiative comprising researchers from four University of California campuses (Irvine, Davis, San Diego, Berkeley) and Johns Hopkins University, who are researching and developing gene drive mosquito technologies for malaria control.
  • UCIMI is developing gene drive technologies intended to prevent Anopheles gambiae from transmitting malaria.
  • STP is a potential field site for testing UCIMI products
  • Currently (2023) UCIMI is conducting
    • Mosquito Collections and Analysis
    • Training & Capacity Building
    • Community Engagement
  • There have been no releases of gene drive-containing mosquitoes

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Population modification of Anopheline species to control malaria transmission

R. Carballar-Lejarazú and A. A. James,  Pathogens and Global Health,  111:424-435. 2018.
Vector control strategies based on population modification of Anopheline mosquitoes may have a significant role in the malaria eradication agenda. They could consolidate elimination gains by providing barriers to the reintroduction of parasites and competent vectors, and allow ...