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The Perpetual Vector Mosquito Threat and Its Eco-Friendly Nemeses

Miranda, L.S.; Rudd, S.R.; Mena, O.; Hudspeth, P.E.; Barboza-Corona, J.E.; Park, H.-W.; Bideshi, D.K.,  Biology,  13:182. 2024.
Aedes, Culex, and Anopheles mosquitoes are the most prolific arthropod vectors of viral and parasitic agents of debilitating and lethal diseases in humans and animals. Despite some success in integrated pest management programs to control vectors, mosquito-borne diseases, such as ...
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Microsporidia MB is found predominantly associated with Anopheles gambiae s.s and Anopheles coluzzii in Ghana

J. Akorli, E. A. Akorli, S. N. A. Tetteh, G. K. Amlalo, M. Opoku, R. Pwalia, M. Adimazoya, D. Atibilla, S. Pi-Bansa, J. Chabi and S. K. Dadzie,  Scientific Reports,  11:5. 2021.
A vertically transmitted microsporidian, Microsporidia MB, with the ability to disrupt Plasmodium development was reported in Anopheles arabiensis from Kenya, East Africa. To demonstrate its range of incidence, archived DNA samples from 7575 Anopheles mosquitoes collected from ...
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