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Bacterial warriors fight mosquito-borne diseases

Alejandra Manjarrez,  Drug Discovery News,  2024.
Every time a mosquito bites a person, multiple feasts take place. As in most animals, a meal provides nutrients to the mosquito as well as to the troop of bacteria that inhabits its gut. Occasionally, the mosquito may also ingest a parasite: a Plasmodium protozoan responsible ...
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Driving to Safety: CRISPR-Based Genetic Approaches to Reducing Antibiotic Resistance

E. Bier and V. Nizet,  Trends in Genetics,  2021.
The complex and challenging problem of reducing antibiotic resistance (AR) requires a network of both societal and science-based solutions to preserve the most lifesaving pharmaceutical intervention known to medicine. In addition to developing new classes of antibiotics, it is ...
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