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Genetically Modifying Bats Could Prevent the Next Pandemic, Scientists Say

G. Dutton,  BioSpace,  2021.
The next COVID pandemic could be prevented by using a gene drive to preemptively edit the genome of bats to prevent them from becoming hosts for coronaviruses, according to a proposal by scientists from Israel’s Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzelia and the National ...
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Could editing the genomes of bats prevent future coronavirus pandemics? Two scientists think it’s worth a try

E. C. Hayden,  STAT,  2021.
Amid the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, two researchers are proposing a drastic way to stop future pandemics: using a technology called a gene drive to rewrite the DNA of bats to prevent them from becoming infected with coronaviruses. The scientists aim to block spillover ...
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Preventing COVID-59

Y. Erlich and D. Douek,  github,  2021.
SARS-CoV-2 is the third betacoronavirus to enter the human population in the past 20 years, revealing a concerning pattern. Clearly, preventing a future pandemic from such viruses is a critical priority. Previous studies have shown that shRNAs can be powerful suppressors of RNA ...
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