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Next-generation CRISPR gene-drive systems using Cas12a nuclease

S. Sanz Juste, E. M. Okamoto, C. Nguyen, X. Feng and V. López Del Amo,  Nature Communications,  14:6388. 2023.
One method for reducing the impact of vector-borne diseases is through the use of CRISPR-based gene drives, which manipulate insect populations due to their ability to rapidly propagate desired genetic traits into a target population. However, all current gene drives employ a ...
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Analysis of a Cas12a-based gene-drive system in budding yeast

I. C. Lewis, Y. Yan and G. C. Finnigan,  Access Microbiol,  3:000301. 2022.
The discovery and adaptation of CRISPR/Cas systems within molecular biology has provided advances across biological research, agriculture and human health. Genomic manipulation through use of a CRISPR nuclease and programmed guide RNAs has become a common and widely accessible ...
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