Keywords: chemical control

Maintenance management and eradication of established aquatic invaders

D. Simberloff,  Hydrobiologia,  22. 2020.
The rapid development of technologies based on genetics has engendered excitement about possibly eradicating or controlling terrestrial invaders, and such technologies may also prove useful for certain aquatic invaders. Methods of particular interest, alone or in various ...
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Chemical controllable gene drive in Drosophila

D. Chae, J. Lee, N. Lee, K. Park, S. J. Moon and H. H. Kim,  ACS Synthetic Biology,  in press. 2020.
Here, we report a chemical-induced control of gene drive. We prepared a CRISPR-based gene drive system that can be removed by a site-specific recombinase, Rippase, the expression of which is induced by the chemical RU486 in fruit flies. Exposure of fruit flies to RU486 resulted ...
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