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Unravelling the mystery of female meiotic drive: where we are

F. E. Clark and T. Akera,  Open Biol,  11:210074. 2021.
Female meiotic drive is the phenomenon where a selfish genetic element alters chromosome segregation during female meiosis to segregate to the egg and transmit to the next generation more frequently than Mendelian expectation. While several examples of female meiotic drive have ...
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Mixed knobs in corn cobs

P. Lamelza and M. A. Lampson,  Genes and Development,  34:1110-1112. 2020.
In this issue of Genes & Development, Swentowsky and colleagues (pp. 1239-1251) show that two types of knobs, those composed of 180-bp and TR1 sequences, recruit their own novel and divergent kinesin-14 family members to form neocentromeres.
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Distinct kinesin motors drive two types of maize neocentromeres

K. W. Swentowsky, J. I. Gent, E. G. Lowry, V. Schubert, X. Ran, K. F. Tseng, A. E. Harkess, W. H. Qiu and R. K. Dawe,  Genes and Development,  34:1239-1251. 2020.
Here we describe a second kinesin-14 gene, TR-1 kinesin (Trkin), that is required to mobilize neocentromeres made up of the minor tandem repeat TR-1.
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