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Engineering stringent genetic biocontainment of yeast with a protein stability switch

S. A. Hoffmann and Y. Cai,  bioRxiv,  2022.11.24.517818. 2022.
Synthetic biology holds immense promise to tackle key problems we are facing, for instance in resource use, environmental health, and human health care. However, comprehensive safety measures are needed to deploy genetically engineered microorganisms in open-environment ...
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A synthetic male-specific sterilization system using the mammalian pro-apoptotic factor in a malaria vector mosquito

D. S. Yamamoto, M. Sumitani, K. Kasashima, H. Sezutsu, H. Matsuoka and H. Kato,  Scientific Reports,  9:11. 2019.
We produced a transgenic mosquito line that expresses mouse Bax under the control of this testis-specific promoter. Transgenic mosquito males exhibited aberrant testes without functional sperm and complete sterility, whereas transgenic females maintained normal fecundity. Despite ...
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