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A detailed landscape of CRISPR-Cas-mediated plant disease and pest management

S. Karmakar, P. Das, D. Panda, K. Xie, M. J. Baig and K. A. Molla,  Plant Science,  323:111376. 2022.
Genome editing technology has rapidly evolved to knock-out genes, create targeted genetic variation, install precise insertion/deletion and single nucleotide changes, and perform large-scale alteration. The flexible and multipurpose editing technologies have started playing a ...
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A New Approach to Develop Resistant Cultivars Against the Plant Pathogens: CRISPR Drives

M. I. Tek and K. Budak,  Frontiers in Plant Science,  13. 2022.
CRISPR drive is a recent and robust tool that allows durable genetic manipulation of the pest population like human disease vectors such as malaria vector mosquitos. In recent years, it has been suggested that CRISPR drives can also be used to control plant diseases, pests, and ...
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Recent advancements in CRISPR/Cas technology for accelerated crop improvement

D. Das, D. L. Singha, R. R. Paswan, N. Chowdhury, M. Sharma, P. S. Reddy and C. Chikkaputtaiah,  Planta,  255:109. 2022.
The likelihood of reduced agricultural production due to highly turbulent climatic conditions increases as the global population expands. The second paradigm of stress-resilient crops with enhanced tolerance and increased productivity against various stresses is paramount to ...
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