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Why the EU should back research into gene drive – even if Europe never uses it

R. Müller,  The Brussels Times,  2021.
As the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy reaches the European Parliament, it has reopened a worrying debate about research into gene drive technology, a tool which could pave the way for biasing the inheritance of desired genetic traits through targeted species. Advances in this kind ...
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The EU not ready for the release of Gene drive organisms into the environment.

Pensoft Publishers,  ScienceDaily,  2020.
In their study, published in the open-access journal BioRisk, an international group of scientists led by Marion Dolezel from the Environment Agency Austria, discuss the potential risks and impacts on the environment.
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Beyond limits – the pitfalls of global gene drives for environmental risk assessment in the European Union

M. Dolezel, C. Lüthi and H. Gaugitsch,  BioRisk,  15:1-29. 2020.
We evaluate the novel features of GDOs and outline the resulting challenges for the environmental risk assessment.
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The EU regulatory framework on genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Bruetschy, C,  Transgenic Research,  28:169-174. 2019.
The European Union (EU) legislation on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) aims to ensure a high level of protection for human, animal and environmental health and a well-functioning EU internal market. The framework regulates the release of GMOs into the environment and their ...
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Directive 2009/41/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 May 2009 on the contained use of genetically modified micro-organisms (Recast) (1)

European Parliament,,  Official Journal of the European Union L 125,  52:75. 2009.
Whereas: (1 )Council Directive 90/219/EEC of 23 April 1990 on the contained use of genetically modified micro-organisms (3) has been substantially amended several times (4). Since further amendments are to be made, it should be recast in the interests of clarity. (2) Under ...
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