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A naturally isolated symbiotic bacterium suppresses flavivirus transmission by Aedes mosquitoes

Liming Zhang et al.,  Science,  384. 2024.
Flavivirus diseases are increasing in incidence and prevalence owing to the urban proclivities of its Aedes mosquito vector species. Extirpation of mosquitoes is considered key for the control of several human diseases but often involves toxic chemicals that prompt mosquito ...
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Evidence of Differences in Cellular Regulation of Wolbachia-Mediated Viral Inhibition between Alphaviruses and Flaviviruses

Rainey SM, Lefteri DA, Darby C, Kohl A, Merits A, Sinkins SP.,  Viruses,  16(1):115. 2024.
The intracellular bacterium Wolbachia is increasingly being utilised in control programs to limit the spread of arboviruses by Aedes mosquitoes. Achieving a better understanding of how Wolbachia strains can reduce viral replication/spread could be important for the long-term ...
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