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The haplolethal gene wupA of Drosophila exhibits potential as a target for an X-poisoning gene drive

Lawler, Clancy D ,Parra Nuñez, Ana Karla ,Hernandes, Natalia ,Bhide, Soumitra ,Lohrey, Isabelle ,Baxter, Simon ,Robin, Charles,  G3 Genes Genome Genetics,  jkae025. 2024.
We examine this ‘X-poisoning’ strategy by targeting four of the 11 known X-linked haplolethal/haplosterile genes of Drosophila melanogaster with CRISPR/Cas9. We find that targeting the wupA gene during spermatogenesis skews the sex ratio so fewer than 14% of progeny are ...
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A CRISPR homing gene drive targeting a haplolethal gene removes resistance alleles and successfully spreads through a cage population

J. Champer, E. Yang, E. Lee, J. Liu, A. G. Clark and P. W. Messer,  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  202004373. 2020.
Here, we present a CRISPR homing drive that was able to successfully spread to all individuals in a laboratory cage study in Drosophila melanogaster without any apparent evolution of resistance.
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