Keywords: horizontal gene transfer

Horizontal gene transfer from plant to whitefly

T. Islam, R. B. Azad, S. H. Kasfy, A. A. Rahman and T. Z. Khan,  Trends in Biotechnology,  2023.
The recent discovery of the horizontal transfer of a toxin-neutralizing gene from plant to whitefly (Bemisia tabaci), a polyphagous insect, sparked a new area of study. In this forum, we discuss some potential biotechnological applications of this newly discovered knowledge in ...
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Complicated expansion trajectories of insertion sequences and potential association with horizontal transfer of Wolbachia DNA

Y. H. Miao, D. W. Huang and J. H. Xiao,  Zoological Research,  44:273-275. 2023.
Insertion sequences (ISs) are the simplest structural transposable elements (TEs) in prokaryotes, consisting only of a transposase coding sequence and its bilateral short terminal inverted repeats. Due to their gradually streamlined genomic construction, TEs rarely exist in the ...
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Lateral Gene Transfer Mechanisms and Pan-genomes in Eukaryotes

S. J. Sibbald, L. Eme, J. M. Archibald and A. J. Roger,  Trends in Parasitology,  2020.
Here we review evidence for known and potential mechanisms of LGT into diverse eukaryote lineages with a particular focus on protists, and we discuss trends emerging from recently reported examples. We also explore the potential role of LGT in generating ‘pan-genomes’ in ...
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Experimental manipulation of selfish genetic elements links genes to microbial community function

S. D. Quistad, G. Doulcier and P. B. Rainey,  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences,  375:12. 2020.
Microbial communities underpin the Earth's biological and geochemical processes, but their complexity hampers understanding. Motivated by the challenge of diversity and the need to forge ways of capturing dynamical behaviour connecting genes to function, biologically independent ...
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