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MIT Researchers Propose Using Genetically Modified Mice to Fight Lyme Disease

K. Perrotte,  Field and Stream,  2022.
In Massachusetts, researchers at MIT are proposing an experiment that would involve releasing genetically engineered mice into the native mouse population to ultimately reduce the prevalence of Lyme disease.Nantucket Island is the area proposed for the study, which has been years ...
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First ever gene-edited ticks offer new weapons against Lyme disease

N. Lavars,  New Atlas,  2022.
Gene editing in ticks had been thought to be impossible until now, and with good reason. Tick embryos are very tricky to inject because the egg that contains them has a tough layer on the outside, high pressure levels inside, and is also coated in a waxy layer the mothers create ...
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Conservation implications of disease control

J. C. Buck, S. B. Weinstein, G. Titcomb and H. S. Young,  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment,  6. 2020.
Infectious diseases have indelibly altered human history and, in doing so, have shaped the ecology and conservation of the natural world. Attempts to control diseases often result in adverse environmental impacts, including habitat degradation and unintended outcomes such as ...
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