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One strain may hide another: Cryptic male-killing Wolbachia

E. A. Hornett and G. D. D. Hurst,  PLOS Biology,  21:e3002076. 2023.
While heritable symbionts are common in insects, strains that act as male-killers are considered rare. This Primer explores a new study in PLOS Biology which reveals a novel male-killer hidden by co-infection and host resistance, highlighting the complexity of host-microbial ...
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Characterization of the first Wolbachia from the genus Scaptodrosophila, a male-killer from the rainforest species S. claytoni

K. M. Richardson, M. Schiffer, P. A. Ross, J. A. Thia and A. A. Hoffmann,  Insect Science,  2022.
Abstract The Scaptodrosophila genus represents a large group of drosophilids with a worldwide distribution and a predominance of species in Australia, but there is little information on the presence and impacts of Wolbachia endosymbionts in this group. Here we describe the first ...
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