Keywords: meiotic drive models

A toxin-antidote CRISPR gene drive system for regional population modification

J. Champer, E. Lee, E. Yang, C. Liu, A. G. Clark and P. W. Messer,  Nature Communications,  11:1082. 2023.
Engineered gene drives based on a homing mechanism could rapidly spread genetic alterations through a population. However, such drives face a major obstacle in the form of resistance against the drive. In addition, they are expected to be highly invasive. Here, we introduce the ...
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Intraparental gamete competition provides a selective advantage for the development of hybrid sterility via meiotic drive

Adams, CS,  Evolution,  59:1229-1236. 2005.
Hybrid sterility can have evolutionary significance and varies substantially by taxon, but few models attempt to predict or explain this variability. Hybrid sterility is commonly observed and develops early in isolation, at odds with straightforward models that predict it would ...
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