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Gene drive communication: exploring experts’ lived experience of metaphor use

B. Nerlich and A. Stelmach,  New Genetics and Society,  2022.
Metaphors have been crucial in making genetics and genomics public, fromthe code and the book of life to genetic scissors and gene surgery. A newfield is emerging called“gene drive”–a range of controversial technologiesthat can potentially be used for the eradication or ...
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Metaphor, Trust and Support for Non-native Species Control

P. A. Kohl, S. J. Collins and M. Eichholz,  Environmental Communication,  14:672-685. 2020.
This experimental study used a representative sample of U.S. residents (N = 1,042) to test whether the use of the term "invasive" increases support for non-native species control efforts. The term invasive had a small influence on support for two out of three non-native species ...
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