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Editorial overview: Conflicts, conflicts everywhere

Harmit S Malik, Judith E Mank,  Current Opinion in Genetics and Development,  83. 2023.
Genetic conflicts are pervasive in biology. They arise when genes, sets of genes, or chromosomes enhance their success at significant cost to their genetic neighbors. In some cases, conflicts occur when a ‘cheater’ subverts the rules of genetic inheritance, pitting the ...
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Genetic conflicts: the usual suspects and beyond

McLaughlin, RNM, H. S.,  Journal of Experimental Biology,  220:6-17. 2017.
Selfishness is pervasive and manifests at all scales of biology, from societies, to individuals, to genetic elements within a genome. The relentless struggle to seek evolutionary advantages drives perpetual cycles of adaptation and counter-adaptation, commonly referred to as Red ...
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The Trojan female technique: a novel, effective and humane approach for pest population control

N. J. Gemmell, A. Jalilzadeh, R. K. Didham, T. Soboleva and D. M. Tompkins,  Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences,  280:20132549. 2013.
We use mathematical models to test a new twist on the SMT, using maternally inherited mitochondrial (mtDNA) mutations that affect male, but not female reproductive fitness. ‘Trojan females’ carrying suchmutations, and their female descendants, produce ...
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