Keywords: paratransgenics

Rodents as vehicle for delivery of transgenic bacteria to make paratransgenic sand fly vectors of cutaneous leishmaniasis in field condition

Ghassemi, Marzieh Akhavan, Amir Ahmad Zahraei-Ramazani, Alireza Yakhchali, Bagher Arandian, Mohammad Hossein Jafari, Reza Akhlaghi, Maryam Shirani-Bidabadi, Leila Azam, Kamal Koosha, Mona Oshaghi, Mohammad Ali,  Scientific Reports,  13:14912. 2023.
Vector-borne diseases, among them leishmaniasis, cause more than 700,000 deaths annually. The lack of an effective vaccination and the increasing resistance of sand flies to insecticides require the urgent development of innovative approaches to contain the disease. The use of ...
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