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Potential use of gene drive modified insects against disease vectors, agricultural pests and invasive species poses new challenges for risk assessment

Y. Devos, J. D. Mumford, M. B. Bonsall, A. M. Camargo, L. G. Firbank, D. C. M. Glandorf, F. Nogué, K. Paraskevopoulos and E. A. Wimmer,  Critical Reviews in Biotechnology,  2021.
Potential future application of engineered gene drives (GDs), which bias their own inheritance and can spread genetic modifications in wild target populations, has sparked both enthusiasm and concern. Engineered GDs in insects could potentially be used to address long-standing ...
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Gene Drive-Modified Organisms: Developing Practical Risk Assessment Guidance

Y. Devos, M. B. Bonsall, L. G. Firbank, J. Mumford, F. Nogué and E. A. Wimmer,  Trends in Biotechnology,  2020.
Risk assessors, risk managers, developers, potential applicants, and other stakeholders at many levels discuss the need for new or further risk assessment guidance for deliberate environmental releases of gene drive-modified organisms. However, preparing useful and practical ...
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Governing New Biotechnologies for Biodiversity Conservation: Gene Drives, International Law, and Emerging Politics

J. L. Reynolds,  Global Environmental Politics,  20:28-48. 2020.
This article describes and analyzes the international law and politics of gene drives’ research, development, and possible use, with an emphasis on their potential biodiversity applications.
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Limits of Knowledge and Tipping Points in the Risk Assessment of Gene Drive Organisms

Arnim von Gleich and Winfried Schröder,  Gene Drives at Tipping Points,  2020.
New challengesTipping point in the risk assessment of genetically engineered (GE) organisms are expected to emerge in the context of so-called ‘gene drives’. Based on a review of findings from current knowledge of GE organisms, it is concluded that the risk assessment of gene ...
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Steps Towards a Precautionary Risk Governance of SPAGE Technologies Including Gene-Drives

Arnim von Gleich,  Gene Drives at Tipping Points,  2020.
In view of the rapid dynamics of genetic engineering development (in particular regarding the ‘new gene-technologies’ gene editing, self-propagating artificial genetic elements (SPAGESelf-Propagating Artificial Genetic Elements (SPAGE)) and synthetic biology), the question is ...
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