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Selfish gene leaves bacteria behind

A. York,  Nature Reviews Microbiology,  2021.
Mitochondrial genome evolution is characterized by functional streamlining and gene loss, and gain-of-function gene transfers into the mitochondrial genome are considered rare events. Milner, et al. identified a functional restriction modification (R-M) system in the ...
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A functional bacteria-derived restriction modification system in the mitochondrion of a heterotrophic protist

D. A.-O. Milner, J. A.-O. Wideman, C. A.-O. Stairs, C. D. Dunn and T. A.-O. Richards,  PLoS Biology,  2021.
The overarching trend in mitochondrial genome evolution is functional streamlining coupled with gene loss. Therefore, gene acquisition by mitochondria is considered to be exceedingly rare. Selfish elements in the form of self-splicing introns occur in many organellar genomes, but ...
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