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Situating the social sciences in responsible innovation in the global south: the case of gene drive mosquitoes

K. Ledingham, C. Opesen, S. Hartley and S. Neema,  Journal of Responsible Innovation,  10:2264100. 2023.
There has been growing attention in recent years on the potential reconfiguration of responsible innovation (RI) to increase its relevance for global challenges in the Global South. This reconfiguration will require a broad and empowered role for social scientists. Yet RI has ...
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Moving beyond narrow definitions of gene drive: Diverse perspectives and frames enable substantive dialogue among science and humanities teachers in the United States and United Kingdom

S. Hartley, A. Stelmach, J. A. Delborne and S. K. Barnhill-Dilling,  Public Understanding of Science,  2023.
Gene drive is an emerging biotechnology with applications in global health, conservation and agriculture. Scientists are preparing for field trials, triggering debate about when and how to release gene-drive organisms. These decisions depend on public understandings of gene ...
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The Promises and Realities of Integration in Synthetic Biology: A View From Social Science

L. Carter and A. Mankad,  Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology,  8. 2021.
We take stock of thepromises and realities of science integration by sharing our experiences of embarking onthis very challenge in Australia. We conclude by offering suggestions for bringing aboutthe enabling conditions for improved integration across the natural and social ...
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