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Wolbachia infection negatively impacts Drosophila simulans heat tolerance in a strain- and trait-specific manner

Liam F Ferguson, Perran A Ross, Belinda van Heerwaarden,  bioRxiv,  2023.
The susceptibility of insects to rising temperatures has largely been measured by their ability to survive thermal extremes. However, until recently, the capacity for maternally inherited endosymbionts to influence insect heat tolerance has been overlooked. Further, the impact of ...
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Procedures for the Detection of Wolbachia-Conferred Antiviral Protection in Drosophila melanogaster

Chrostek, E.,  Methods in Molecular Biology,  2739. 2023.
Spread of Wolbachia infections in host populations may be enhanced by Wolbachia-conferred protection from viral pathogens. Wolbachia-infected Drosophila melanogaster survive the pathogenic effects of positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus infections at a higher rate than the ...
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Effects of different diets on Aedes aegypti adults: improving rearing techniques for sterile insect technique

Aynoanne Leandro Barbosa , Glayciane Costa Gois , Verenna Barros dos Santos , Aline Taiane de Macedo Pinto , Bianca Pires de Castro Andrade , Lucas Barbosa de Souza , Fernanda Hohana Almeida e Sá , Jair Fernandes Virginio and Mário Adriano Ávila Queiroz,  Bulletin of Entomological Research,  2023.
The aim was to evaluate the effect of different energy diets available in adulthood on the longevity, dispersal capacity and sexual performance of Aedes aegypti produced under a mass-rearing system. To evaluate the effects of diets in relation to the survival of the adult male ...
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A selfish genetic element linked to increased lifespan impacts metabolism in female house mice

P. C. Lopes and A. K. Lindholm,  Journal of Experimental Biology,  22:4. 2020.
Gene drive systems can lead to the evolution of traits that further enhance the transmission of the driving element. In gene drive, one allele is transmitted to offspring at a higher frequency than the homologous allele. This has a range of consequences, which generally include a ...
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