Keywords: Triploidy

The sterile male release approach as a method to control invasive amphibian populations: a preliminary study on Lithobates catesbeianus

S. Descamps and A. De Vocht,  Management of Biological Invasions,  8:361-370. 2017.
Widespread populations of the invasive species Lithobates catesbeianus (American bullfrog) are present in different parts of the world and are difficult to control. This study investigated the possibility to sterilize male individuals of this species in order to use the sterile ...
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Genetic control of invasive fish: technological options and its role in integrated pest management

R. E. Thresher, K. Hayes, N. J. Bax, J. Teem, T. J. Benfey and F. Gould,  Biological Invasions,  16:1201-1216. 2013.
Genetic options for the control of invasive fishes were recently reviewed and synthesized at a 2010 international symposium, held in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA. The only option currently available "off-the-shelf'' is triploidy, which can be used to produce sterile males for a ...
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