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Combined Trojan Y Chromosome Strategy and Sterile Insect Technique to Eliminate Mosquitoes: Modelling and Analysis

J. Lyu, M. Gu, S. Wang and K. Cheng,  Mathematical Problems in Engineering,  2022:2373350. 2022.
Sterile insect technique has been successfully applied in the control of agricultural pests; however, it has a limited ability to control mosquitoes. A promising alternative approach is the Trojan Y Chromosome strategy, which works by manipulating the sex ratio of a population ...
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Aquatic invasive species specialists’ perceptions on the importance of genetic tools and concepts to inform management

T. A. Bernos, K. M. Jeffries and N. E. Mandrak,  Biological Invasions,  24:1863-1879. 2022.
Perceptions related to the importance of genetic research influence the mobilization of genetic tools and concepts to inform conservation actions. Research characteristics, stakeholders’ perspectives, knowledge, and social linkages with geneticists influence the outcome of ...
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Trojan trout: could turning an invasive fish into a ‘super-male’ save a native species?

J. Miller,  The Guardian,  2022.
Brook trout may greatly outnumber the Rio Grande cutthroat here, but nearly every brookie the team captures is male. That’s because many are a lab-produced variety known as “Trojan” brook trout. They are unique in that they carry not one, but two copies of the Y chromosome ...
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Genetic Biocontrol for Invasive Species

J. L. Teem, L. Alphey, S. Descamps, M. P. Edgington, O. Edwards, N. Gemmell, T. Harvey-Samuel, R. L. Melnick, K. P. Oh, A. J. Piaggio, J. R. Saah, D. Schill, P. Thomas, T. Smith and A. Roberts,  Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology,  8:452. 2020.
Invasive species are increasingly affecting agriculture, food, fisheries, and forestry resources throughout the world. As a result of global trade, invasive species are often introduced into new environments where they become established and cause harm to human health, ...
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Combining the Trojan Y chromosome and daughterless carp eradication strategies

J. L. Teem and J. B. Gutierrez,  Biological Invasions,  16:1231-1240. 2013.
The Trojan Y chromosome (TYC) strategy and the daughterless carp (DC) strategy represent two autocidal genetic biocontrol methods for eliminating invasive fish by changing the sex ratio of the population. Each strategy is designed to reduce the number of females in a target ...
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A comparison of the Trojan Y Chromosome and daughterless carp eradication strategies

J. L. Teem, J. B. Gutierrez and R. D. Parshad,  16,  16:1217-1230. 2013.
Two autocidal genetic biocontrol methods have been proposed as a means to eliminate invasive fish by changing the sex ratio of the population: the Trojan Y Chromosome (TYC) strategy and the Daughterless Carp (DC) strategy. Both strategies were modeled using ordinary differential ...
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