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Gamma-radiation of Glossina palpalis gambiensis revisited: effect on fertility and mating competitiveness

S. Pagabeleguem, O. Koughuindida, E. W. Salou, G. Gimonneau, A. I. Toé, B. A. Kaboré, K. S. M. Dera, H. Maïga, A. M. G. Belem, G. M. S. Sanou/Ouédraogo, M. J. Vreysen and J. Bouyer,  Parasite,  30:8. 2023.
African animal trypanosomoses are vector-borne diseases that cause enormous livestock losses in sub-Saharan Africa, with drastic socio-economic impacts. Vector control in the context of an area-wide integrated pest management program with a sterile insect technique component ...
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Area-Wide Integrated Management of a Glossina palpalis gambiensis Population from the Niayes Area Of Senegal: A review of operational research in support of a phased conditional approach

M. J. B. Vreysen, M. T. Seck, B. Sall, A. G. Mbaye, M. Bassene, A. G. Fall, M. Lo and J. Bouyer,  AREA-WIDE INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT:,  2021.
In 2005, the Government of Senegal initiated a project entitled "Projet de lutte contre les glossines dans les Niayes" (Tsetse control project in the Niayes) with the aim of creating a zone free of Glossina palpalis gambiensis in that area. The project received technical and ...
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The IAEA and Food – Tsetse Fly Eradication – Senegal

International Atomic Energy Agency,  IAEA/FAO,  2017.
Senegal has successfully integrated the Sterile Insect Technique into its tsetse fly control project in the Niayes region. This nuclear technique suppresses or even eradicates insect pest by using radiation to sterilize primarily males. The disease that tsetse flies transmit can ...
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Success in Zanzibar: Eradication of tsetse

A. R. Msangi, N. Kiwia, I. I. Malele, F. Mramba, K. M. Saleh, W. A. Mussa, K. G. Juma, V. A. Dyck, M. J. B. Vreysen, A. G. Parker, U. Feldmann, Z. R. Zhu and H. Pan,  Area-Wide Control of Fruit Flies and Other Insect Pests,  2000.
There are about 22 species of tsetse flies found nowhere else in the world except in 36 countries of sub-Saharan Africa Tsetse flies transmit a debilitating and often fatal disease, trypanosomosis, which causes tremendous losses of livestock, and severely limits agricultural ...
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Comportement de mâles stériles de Glossina tachinoides West. lâchés dans les conditions naturelles – environs de Fort-Lamy (Tchad). I. Transport, lâchers, rythme d’activité, action sur la population sauvage

D. Cuisance and J. Itard,  Revue d'élevage et de médecine vétérinaire des pays tropicaux,  26:55-76. 1973.
Glossina tachinoides adult males, bred and irradiated with 15,500 rads in Maisons-Alfort (France) were dispatched by air-mail to Fort-Lamy (Chad) between February and May of 1972, in order to be released, after marking, in a natural area of Cameroon side of the Chari river. In ...
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