How can the transboundary movement of gene drive modified mosquitoes be addressed?

Category: Decision Making

Because mosquitoes are mobile and gene drive is meant to spread through interbreeding populations of the targeted species, transboundary issues are relevant for gene drive-modified mosquitoes. This has raised concerns about international governance. There are many multinational agreements that address transboundary movement. The general consensus of such international conventions is that prior to release into the environment there should be a notification and a bilateral or multilateral consultative process with countries to which the modified organism may move.

For gene drive-modified Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes being developed to prevent malaria transmission, the target species is restricted to the African continent. Under the leadership of the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) mechanisms to support regional harmonization of regulatory requirements for vector control methods in Africa, including gene drive-modified mosquitoes, are under development.

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