Controlling Gene Drives

David O'Brochta and Hector Quemada,  GeneConvene Global Collaborative,  2021.

GeneConvene Global Collaborative

Webinar Series:

Controlling Gene Drives 

September 22, 29, October 6
11 am- 12:30pm
(Washington, D.C.)

Some gene drive technologies being explored in the laboratory for possible use in the control and elimination of malaria in Africa are predicted to efficiently spread and persist indefinitely following their initial release into an environment containing the targeted mosquito species.  While the autonomous properties of some gene drive technologies are desirable features that are expected to make them effective at controlling hard to reach populations of targeted mosquitoes and to provide sustained control with minimal additional inputs, the ability to control spread and persistence remains important.  This series of webinars will feature researchers and developers exploring various control options for gene drive technologies.


September  22, 2021

Development of Gene Drives and a Method to Block Them in Anopheles gambiae

Speaker: Dr. Chrysanthi Taxiarchi, Imperial College London.

A Table of Contents is available when viewed on YouTube.


September  29, 2021

 Lessons Learned from Neutralizing Drives 

Speaker: Dr.Ethan Bier, University of California, San Diego.

A Table of Contents is available when viewed on YouTube.


October 6, 2021

Chemical approaches to control and enhance CRISPR-based technologies

Speaker: Dr. Amit Choudhary, Harvard University.