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GeneConvene Global Collaborative Webinar Series:

Controlling Gene Drives

Webinars are recorded;

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September  22, 2021 11:00-12:30 EDT

Development of Gene Drives and a Method to Block Them in Anopheles gambiae

Dr. Chrysanthi Taxiarchi, Imperial College London.

September  29, 2021 11:00-12:30 EDT

Lessons Learned from Neutralizing Drives

Dr. Ethan Bier, University of California, San Diego.

October 6, 2021 11:00-12:30 EDT

Chemical approaches to control and enhance CRISPR-based technologies

Dr. Amit Choudhary, Harvard University.

GeneConvene Global Collaborative Webinar Series:

Invasive Species Management:

Informing Gene Drive Considerations

Webinars are recorded;

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October 13, 2021 11:00-12:30 EDT

Conservation in the Anthropocene:

Can community ecology help avoid unintended outcomes and improve conservation success?

Dr. Dean Pearson, USDA FS Rock Mountain Research Station.

October 27, 2021 11:00-12:30 EDT

Targeting Surveillance for Invasive Agricultural Pests and Diseases

Dr. Gericke Cook, USDA/APHIS Veterinary Services, Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health

Nov 10, 2021 11:00-12:30 EST

Monitoring gene drive vertebrates in the environment

Dr. Antoinette Piaggio, USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services/
National Wildlife Research Center

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