Meeting Abstracts from the 5th B Chromosome Conference

Anonymous,  BMC Proceedings,  17. 2023.

During preparations for the 5th B-Chromosome Conference (5BCC), rapid and significant progress was observed in the germ-restricted chromosomes (GRCs) study. GRCs are additional chromosomes found only in germ cells and are eliminated from somatic cells in many avian and dipteran species. Despite their specificity, GRCs share many features of B chromosomes. In view of this intriguing connection, we have decided to extend a special invitation to researchers dedicated to this fascinating topic and to encourage them to participate in the 5BCC.

The 5th B Chromosome Conference will be held in Petnica, Serbia, from 14th to 17th October 2023. The conference will take place in five sessions: Constitution, gene composition, Dynamics in populations, B chromosome effects, Segregation behaviour, Origin and evolution. The conference will unite the most prominent chromosome biologists for a stimulating exchange of ideas and insights. We hope that the conference will help establish better collaboration and enable progress in B chromosome research.

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