Male and female segregation distortion for heterochromatic supernumerary segments on the s(8) chromosome of the grasshopper Chorthippus jacobsi

Lopezleon, MDC, J.; Camacho, J. P. M.,  Chromosoma,  101:511-516. 1992.

The mode of inheritance of supernumerary segments located on three different chromosome pairs was investigated in controlled crosses with specimens of the grasshopper Chorthippus jacobsi. While extra segments located on chromosomes M5 and M6 showed Mendelian inheritance, that on S8 did not. Thus, the two supernumerary heterochromatic chromosome segments located distally on the S8 chromosome accumulated through non-Mendelian transmission through both sexes. The observed transmission patterns may be explained by gametic selection for spermatozoa carrying segmented S8 chromosomes, in addition to meiotic drive for segmented S8 chromosomes in heterozygous females. The significance of these findings for the maintenance of these polymorphisms in natural populations is discussed.