Measuring meiotic drive

Robbins, LGP, G.; Bonaccorsi, S.; Pimpinelli, S.,  Genetics,  142:645-647. 1996.

LAURENCE HURST’S (1996) letter re-examines our data on the effect of Stellate copy number on the meiotic parameters of Mystal- (= su(ste)-) males (PALUMBO et al. 1994). In our analysis, we found a tight correlation of fertility and disjunction with Stellate copy number, with both being normal at low copy numbers. In contrast, we found only a weak correlation of meiotic drive and Stellate copy number, with substantial sperm lethality projected to exist even at Stellate copy number = 0. We argue that the absence of crystal, not the presence of Stellate, is the proximate cause of drive in crystal males. HURST argues that the data support the hypothesis (HURST 1992) that Stellate causes drive.