Meiotic drive for B-chromosomes in primary oocytes of Myrmeleotettix maculatus (Orthoptera-Acrididae)

Hewitt, GM,  Chromosoma,  56:381-391. 1976.

Using a modified technique which allowed observation of chromosome orientation in the primary oocyte of grasshoppers at the onset of anaphase, it has been possible to establish that the B-chromosome is distributed preferentially on the egg side of the metaphase plate rather than the polar body side. The frequency of this preferential orientation matches very closely the level of preferential transmission determined from breeding experiments using individuals from the same population. The spindle is asymmetrical in the primary oocyte of this species, and a possible explanation of the meiotic drive is proposed as a result of the conical shape of nucleoplasm surrounding this spindle. The autosomal chiasma frequency of these females is generally lower than comparable males and is increased by the presence of B chromosomes; but the chiasma frequencies of the sexes respond differently to the addition of 1 and 2 B-chromosomes.