Meiotic drive for the aberrant Chromosome-1 in mice is determined by a linked distorter

Agulnik, SIS, I. D.; Orlova, G. V.; Ruvinsky, A. O.,  Genetika,  28:47-57. 1992.

AN aberrant chromosome 1 carrying an inverted fragment with two amplified DNA regions was isolated from natural populations of Mus musculus. A meiotic drive favouring the aberrant chromosome was previously demonstrated for heterozygous females. The cause for this was the preferential passage of the chromosome 1 to the oocyte. Genetic analysis made it possible to identify a two-component system conditioning the deviation from equal segregation of the homologues. The system consists of the postulated distorter and a responder. The distorter is located on the chromosome 1 distally to the responder, between the ln and Pep 3 genes, the former acting on the responder when in the trans position. Polymorphism of the distorters was manifested as variation in their effect on the meiotic drive level in the laboratory strain and mice from natural populations.