Meiotic drive in female mice heterozygous for the HSR inserts on Chromosome-1

Agulnik, SIA, A. I.; Ruvinsky, A. O.,  Genetical Research,  55:97-100. 1990.

Chromosome 1 with one or two long insertions has been previously found in natural mouse populations. The inheritance of chromosome 1 with two insertions from the Yakutsk population is analysed in this paper. It was demonstrated that heterozygous females transmit this chromosome to 80–85% of offspring. The observations made at M II, in conjunction with the recombination data, allowed us to conclude that preferential passage of the chromosome 1 with insertions to the oocyte and egg, rather than to the first and second polar bodies at meiosis, is the causative factor of the distorted segregation. A meiotic drive of such potency has not been previously reported for female mammals. The possible mechanism of the drive is discussed.