Meiotic drive of the aberrant Chromosome-1 in the house mouse

Agulnik, SIA, A. I.; Ruvinsky, A. O.,  Genetika,  26:664-669. 1990.

Animals with aberrant chromosome 1 carrying one or two large insertions were earlier described in natural populations of Mus musculus. In the present work, inheritance of the aberrant chromosome 1 from the Yakutsk population was investigated. It was shown that 80-85% of the progeny from heterozygous females received chromosome 1 with insertions. From chromosomal analysis of blastocytes and oocytes at the MII stage, it was concluded that the preferential distribution of the aberrant chromosome into oocytes during the first and especially, the second meiotic divisions is relevant to the segregation distortion observed. The mechanism of this powerful meiotic drive is discussed.