Y-linked suppressors of the sex-ratio trait in Drosophila mediopunctata

Decarvalho, ABK, L. B.,  Heredity,  73:573-579. 1994.

X-linked meiotic drive causing female-biased progenies is known to occur in nine Drosophila species and is called ‘sex-ratio’. In D. mediopunctata this trait is associated with the X:21 chromosome inversion and has variable expression. We describe here a powerful Y-linked suppressor system of sex-ratio expression in this species. There are two types of Y chromosomes (suppressor and nonsuppressor) and two types of X:21 chromosomes (suppressible and unsuppressible). Sex-ratio expression is suppressed in males with the 21 (suppressible)/Y-suppressor genotype, whereas the remaining three genotypes produce female-biased progenies.