Epistatic control of non-mendelian inheritance in mouse interspecific crosses

Montagutelli, XT, R.; Nadeau, J. H.,  Genetics,  143:1739-1752. 1996.

Strong deviation of allele frequencies from Mendelian inheritance favoring Mus spretus-derived alleles has been described previously for X-linked loci in four mouse interspecific crosses. We reanalyzed data for three of these crosses focusing on the location of the gene(s) controlling deviation on the X-chromosome and the genetic basis for incomplete deviation. At least two loci control deviation on the X chromosome, one near Xist (the candidate gene controlling X inactivation) and the other more centromerically located. In all three crosses, strong epistasis was found between loci near Xist and marker loci on the central portion of chromosome 2. The mechanism for this deviation from Mendelian expectations is not yet known but it is probably based on lethality of embryos carrying particular combinations of alleles rather than true segregation distortion during oogenesis in F-1 hybrid females.