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Adaptation in the face of internal conflict: the paradox of the organism revisited

M. M. Patten, M. A. Schenkel and J. A. Ågren,  Biological Reviews,  2023.
The paradox of the organism refers to the observation that organisms appear to function as coherent purposeful entities, despite the potential for within-organismal components like selfish genetic elements and cancer cells to erode them from within. While it is commonly accepted ...
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Asymmetric Inheritance: The Diversity and Evolution of Non-Mendelian Reproductive Strategies

L. Ross, A. J. Mongue, C. N. Hodson and T. Schwander,  Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics,  53:1-23. 2022.
The ability to reproduce is the key trait that distinguishes living organisms from inorganic matter, and the strategies used to achieve successful reproduction are almost as diverse as the organisms themselves. In animals, the most widespread form of reproduction involves ...
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A test for meiotic drive in hybrids between Australian and Timor zebra finches

U. Knief, W. Forstmeier, Y. Pei, J. Wolf and B. Kempenaers,  Ecology and Evolution,  2020.
We did not find evidence for meiotic driver loci on specific chromosomes. However, we observed a weak overall transmission bias toward Timor alleles at centromeres in females (transmission probability of Australian alleles of 47%, nominal p = 6 ? 10?5). While this is in line ...
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