Fighting the battle against evolution: designing genetically modified organisms for evolutionary stability

M. Arbel-Groissman, I. Menuhin-Gruman, D. Naki, S. Bergman and T. Tuller,  Trends in Biotechnology,  2023.

Synthetic biology has made significant progress in many areas, but a major challenge that has received limited attention is the evolutionary stability of synthetic constructs made of heterologous genes. The expression of these constructs in microorganisms, that is, production of proteins that are not necessary for the organism, is a metabolic burden, leading to a decrease in relative fitness and make the synthetic constructs unstable over time. This is a significant concern for the synthetic biology community, particularly when it comes to bringing this technology out of the laboratory. In this review, we discuss the issue of evolutionary stability in synthetic biology and review the available tools to address this challenge

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