Florida gives approval to the plan of releasing genetically modified mosquitoes.

V. Dalmia,  The Andoverleader,  2020.

Mosquitoes have always been a huge problem for Florida residents. They are even more problematic in the Florida Key Region. It has even a dedicated mosquito department that is assigned with the task of controlling over 40 species of mosquitoes. But as technology progresses, we get new and newer methods to fight our problems. Gone are the days of pesticides.

Now, a very new advanced biotechnology will be applied to tackle the mosquitoes in Florida who spread dangerous diseases malaria and Zika. Oxitec is a British biotechnology company. It has targeted the US as its test site for one of its biggest projects. It has created over 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes that contain a certain Protein. When they come into contact with female mosquitoes, they will simply die.


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