Council of Canadian Academies

Framing Challenges and Opportunities for Canada: Expert Panel on Regulating Gene-Edited Organisms for Pest Control

CCA (Council of Canadian Academies),  Framing Challenges and Opportunities for Canada,  2023.

Gene-editing technologies are changing approaches to pest management. Rapidly evolving but unproven gene-editing tools could potentially mitigate the impacts of pests in public health, conservation, and agricultural contexts. The use of these tools, however, is accompanied by uncertainties about possible impacts on species and ecosystems, along with broader socioeconomic and cultural risks. Increased globalization and climate change are intensifying pest problems. These factors, combined with the waning effectiveness of many common pest-control tools, will contribute to growing pressure from both native and invasive pests if left unchecked. Opportunities to manage pests with greater effectiveness, lower costs, and increased safety therefore require consideration.

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