Genetically Engineered Male Mosquitos to be Released in Florida and Other Parts of US to Curb Zika and Dengue Spread

Staff Reporter,  The Science Times,  2020.

Mosquitos are best known as pests causing itch-inducing bites and spread harmful diseases such as dengue fever and Zika virus. But, they still are with purpose as many of them help pollinate plants and serve a vital role as a food source to fish, birds, and other animals in the food chain above them.

However, mosquitos, for the most part, are a huge problem for humans. So much that researches are conducted to ensure they can no longer harm any person. The Environmental Protection Agency has recently approved a new and controversial field test aimed at reducing their population.

The plan is to release genetically modified male mosquitos that over time will lead to lesser regular mosquitos in the population.


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