How sci-fi weapon could stop grey squirrels killing Britain’s trees

rymeradelle,  INentertainment,  2021.

Grey squirrels pose the greatest threat to British foresters at the moment. They eat the bark of trees, leaving them to die. Picture: Grey squirrel perched on a tree It’s bad enough watching Britain’s ash trees wither from the ash dieback fungus now ravaging our countryside. We can only do so much. The squirrel is an exception to this rule. And it’s not just trees which are paying the price. This pest kills songbirds, and also pinches nests. Worse still, our native red squirrel, which once roamed the entire country — without chewing trees to death — is now an endangered species, clinging on in pockets of Scotland and places such as the Isle of Wight. The number of people living in the area is estimated to be around 200,000. Red Squirrel Survival Trust will make an announcement next month, with Red Squirrel Day on January 21. Its patron, the Prince of Wales, loves the vanishing red so much that he has a squirrel-feeding table in the hallway at Birkhall, his home on the Balmoral estate (where he has also erected ‘Squirrel Crossing’ road signs).

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