Major phase of Florida Keys GMO mosquito release complete, company says

D. Goodhue,  Miami Herald,  2021.

A British biotechnology company and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District on Tuesday announced they have “successfully concluded” a major phase in a controversial trial project aimed at wiping out an invasive species of mosquito known to spread dangerous diseases like dengue fever, Zika and chikungunya. In April, the company, Oxitec, placed up to 130 boxes, each filled with millions of genetically altered male Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae, in several locations in the Middle and Lower Keys — hoping they would fly away after hatching and breeding with the naturally occurring local females in the area. Scientists designed a “death mechanism” in the males meant to ensure no viable female offspring would result from the mating. The male offspring, according to Oxitec, will pass on a “self-limiting gene” to half of their young, with the goal of Aedes aegypti breeding themselves out of existence in the Keys, according to the company.

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