Meiotic drive and visible polarity in Drosophila spermatocytes

Yanders, AFB, J. G.; Peacock, W. J.; Goodchild, D. J.,  Genetics,  59:245-253. 1968.

The model for meiotic drive presented by PEACOCK and ERICKSON (1965) demands that an intracellular differentiation exists at the time of the first meiotic division in spermatocytes. As a result of this differentiation, one of the spindle poles at anaphase I will lead to the formation of two functional sperm, while the other pole will yield two nonfunctional sperm. This model can be used to explain cases of meiotic drive, such as Segregation-Distorter (SD) ( SANDLER, HIRAIZUMI, and SANDLER 1959), if one member of a chromosome pair moves to the functional pole in a nonrandom fashion, and is thereby preferentially included in the functional gametes.